We Raised Over $4,000!

CHC salutes our 2016 Olympic-a-thon participants and sponsors! It was great to see so many families and friends present to cheer on our students in reaching their goals! We’re grateful this year that the weather held out so that we could be outdoors.

Students work hard at taking steps in their walkers or while holding the hand of a staff member, pressing their adaptive switches in order to move to the next square on the pavement, and pedaling adaptive bikes to reach the finish line. The motivation and observed determination of CHC students is inspiring!

Olympic-a-thon funds raised this year will help enrich programming by sponsoring guest presenters during the school year, as well as purchasing needed classroom supplies and technology.

We send a special shout out of gratitude to teacher Nicole and team for helping plan and organize and set up this event. Great job!

In addition we send a heartfelt thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers for all your help making this event a tremendous success.

Most importantly, we thank our students that work so hard every day to accomplish their goals, our wonderful staff that encourage and support students’ daily efforts, and amazing families that provide all the love, devotion, care, and hope needed to overcome significant challenges with grace and joy!

You are all AMAZING!!!

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